The Team


The three people who are dedicated to ensuring the clients are well looked after and the business runs smoothly.

The team are standing outside a brilliant French Door alteration, involving a specially cast lintol. Brickwork and leaded glass was purpose made to match existing, ensuring the new parts do not show. Then very good quality finishing on this private house where the client was extremely pleased.

David Wall

David has spent over thirty years developing the Company and has become a very successful Managing Director.  His obsessions are the client’s satisfaction and the quality of the work produced. He is involved in the day to day organisations and will personally get involved in any project.

David ensures that he contacts clients on a regular basis, to ensure they are comfortable with the project and processes.


David Wall

We are delighted that Darren has joined us as Manager to help develop the Company through its modernisation programme, to stay at the leading edge for the next decade. Darren wishes to develop our IT systems to provide the best quality communications, work ethics and value to satisfy all our clients. The existing management team will support all Darren’s efforts, to ensure that friendliness, efficiency and quality are of the highest standard, during the improvements.

Darren used to be a Contracts Manager for the Building Company before it closed, so we are confident of his many skills as he serves our clients and manages the very experienced work force. Do not hesitate to contact Darren for any help that you may need.



Alan has now retired, but the whole team has been grateful for his presence and help over the years. He has still made himself available, if we need any help.






Lorna Grocock

Contact Lorna with any administration query, from logistics to accounts. No office can survive without a Lorna. Every query will be investigated and someone will be delegated to ensure it is answered promptly.